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Spalted sycamore bowl, approx 8″ diameter.

Absolutely unique, spalting is a natural process that creates the squiggly black lines,  guaranteeing there will never be another identical to this. SOLD

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Idigbo fruit bowl approx 10″ diameter

unfinished, as in there is no polish, stain or laquer applied to it. SOLD

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Small potpourri pot.

The pewter lid is 75mm across and lifts out so you put some smelly stuff inside. Made from maple. SOLD

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Welcome to Grumpys House…

… where Grumpy goes to be slightly less grumpy than he usually is. This months challenge – a toy car. A pen in cocobolo Walnut bowl Vase made from spalted timber from the wood pile. A set of eggcups Small … Continue reading

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