Enterprising ;)

its not a finished item, just messing about! made from an offcut of oak flooring on a Friday afternoon. Good Fun!




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Supported Bowl

This months challenge was to create a supported bowl, that is a bowl that has some means of preventing the bottom of the bowl from touching the surface beneath it.

This is my interpretation and execution. Turned from Palo Santo, base from Cocobolo and supports from aluminium rod. It is beautifully tactile even if I do say so myself. The bowl can be sat upright or placed at rest on the support legs dependant on your preferences.









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Chess Pieces

This was a challenge. Matching chess pieces. I tried Bishops first but a slight slip meant one of them lost his collar, so then tried a couple of rooks. Not quite identical but seeing as they sit at opposite sides of the board they’re great for a first go 🙂

The ‘whites’ are made from boxwood and the ‘blacks’ from bubinga, in the classic ‘Staunton’ stylee.


castles1 rooks1 rooksandbishops1

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An experiment in colour matching

Made as a gift for someone to go in the glove-box of their cherished Rover 75 and to match the existing walnut dashboard.

Close enough 🙂

Walnut match1


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A Christmas Cracker…

… with a toy inside.

Makes a lovely POP! when pulled, to reveal a little wooden car. Cracker made from sapele and about 10in long. Car made from pine and unknown hardwood, about 2 1/2 inches long.




and now the new slimline version …


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Order in court!!

This months challenge was a block and gavel. Made from Sapele about 10″ long.

Any one graduating law soon? I can put your name on it 🙂


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Sycamore shallow bowl, approx 10 x 2 inches. Iridescent blue with turquoise and gold radial lines. Finished with a gloss lacquer on the topside and a wax finish on the unpainted underside.


Currently on display (and for sale :)) at the Saith Gallery, Burry Port. Now SOLD

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First attempt at a ‘Drozda’.

Cindy Drozda is a professional woodturner from the states. Her work is very recognisable and here is my first go at one of her designs.

Made from Idigbo with a sapele insert and foot, stands less than 3 inches tall.

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Set of three Weed Pots.

No, not that kind of weed!

Pots (mini vases) for displaying single stem flowers, grasses etc.

Turned from local Yew,  from a churchyard in Ystalafera, they are 110, 130 and 150mm tall, base diameter of 50mm and 65mm at the widest point. They each accept a 12mm x 75mm test tube insert (included) so you can put a little water in them to keep your blooms fresher for longer.

The pic of the three in a row is probably the truest representation of colour.

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Deep bowl in Cherry

Another bowl in Cherry. 7 1/4 ” x 3″ (185 x 75mm). Hard wax finish.


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